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Bruce Wayne : The Road Home : Red Robin #1 – S…

Bruce Wayne : The Road Home : Red Robin #1 – SHANE DAVIS


Stephanie Brown: Oh boy.
Tim Drake: Steph, what did you do?
Stephanie Brown: What didn’t I do?




Tim Drake: Are you doing your homework or planning on killing me?
Damian Wayne: Officially, I’m working on this essay. Unofficially, I’d watch your back.


Damian Wayne: What’s this?
Tim Drake: This is your badness chart, it’s unusually high for someone your size.


Stephanie Brown: So, how’d it go staying with Kon’s family?

Tim Drake: It was great. I mean they’re just such a nice… I don’t want to use the word “family” because they all like each other, but they’re such a nice group of people.

justiceslords: The Batboys


The Batboys

Review: Teen Titans Giant #2

Check out my review of Teen Titans Giant #2, available exclusively at @Walmart.
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artists: Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher

Colors: Jim Charalampidis

Letters: Tom Napolitano


“The Fearsome Five” – Robin trains the Teen Titans as the Disruptor recruits new allies for his next attack!

Also included in this issue are reprints of Teen Titans Vol. 3 #2 – “Child’s Play”, Super Sons#2 – “When I Grow Up… Part 2:…

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jaredbottoms: Incorrect DC quotes


Incorrect DC quotes


Tim Drake: Why is Damian crying?
Dick Grayson: He took one of those “Which Robin Are You?” Buzzfeed quizzes.
Tim Drake: Oh, who did he get?
Dick Grayson: You.