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Jason Todd: I have an idea.
Tim Drake: Jason, your last idea was to murder.




Tim is in training to become Robin, and doubts he can ever be as good as Dick

Tim Drake: You have more muscles in your ears than I have in my entire body!

Dick Grayson: Never skip ear day, Tim.


Bruce Wayne: I swore off dairy, then Dreyer’s named a flavor after me.

Dick Grayson: I know. Dark Knight Brownie Bite.

Tim Drake: It’s a bit chocalty.

Dick Grayson: I prefer Krypton Cookie Dough.

Clark Kent: That a thing now?


Maps Mizoguchi: [upon meeting Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin together] Oh my god! The Robins!

Dick Grayson: You know us?

Maps Mizoguchi: Of course! Researching Batman and his family is kind of my hobby.

Jason Todd: Wha-?

Maps Mizoguchi: [excitedly] What are your blood types? What’s Catwoman really like? Who’s the evil Robin?

Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake simultaneously: Robin.

Damian Wayne: [shrugging] Eh.


[during the period Batman was “dead” and Tim Drake was trying to convince Dick Grayson that Bruce Wayne was alive]

Dick Grayson: One thought: seek help! Tim, you’ve just been through a very traumatic experience here and you are deep in denial here. You are going through some very extreme emotions right now, and rather than feeling them, you’re denying they even exist.

Tim Drake: I’m not denying my feelings. I’m so in tune with my emotions that I was able to move through them quickly. In fact, I’ve logged them all in my journal. [takes out a small notebook and reads from it] Let’s see, where are we? Here… 5 AM Blissful confusion. Something’s happened, but what? 5:01 Ah, yes. An overwhelming sense of emptiness and despair. 5:07… This one’s hard to read… Oh, right! Wept uncontrollably. 6:15 All cried out. Hungry now. Ate entire box of Frosted Flakes, they’re gr-r-r-reat! [closes journal] So don’t you tell me I’m not in touch with my emotions.

badlemonade: Some quick warm ups with the ter…


Some quick warm ups with the terror couple. 



I know the editing is shit. but I tried 


Tim Drake: [to Dick Grayson] Your Monday morning enthusiasm is creating a hostile work environment.


Stephanie Brown: Let’s do something REALLY scary!

Tim Drake: We could go to bed early and be alone with our thoughts.