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Review: Supergirl #31

Review: SUPERGIRL #31

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marc Andreyko

Artists: Kevin Maguire, Eduardo Pansica, Sean Parsons, Eber Ferreira

Colors: Fco Plascencia

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Reviewed by: Adam Ray


Supergirl issue #31 picks up right were we ended number 30. There is something iconic about seeing those characters together. Supergirl, alongside…

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Review: Superman #12

Review: SUPERMAN #12

Superman #12

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert

Colours: Alex Sinclair

Letters: Josh Reed

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil


Superman #12: The House of El is united in this SUPERMAN/SUPERGIRL crossover! It’s the House of El against everyone as Superman, Jor-El, Supergirl and Superboy face…

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Review: Event Leviathan #1


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Script: Brian Michael Bendis

Art and Cover: Alex Maleev

Letters: Joshua Reed

Reviewed By: Ari Bard



The mysterious new villain Leviathan has systematically dismantled and destroyed all of the world’s clandestine organizations.  Now it will take the great detectives on the planet to determine who this…

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In order to take down his most nefarious adversary yet, the Caped Crusader enlists some help from the Man of Steel as the World’s Finest re-team in a new monthly title Batman/Superman #1 launching this summer!

The DC universe has been plagued with conspiracy theories, attacks from dark dimensions and all-consuming horrors this season, and soon it will be revealed that at the center of one of these dastardly plots in none other than a villain the Dark Knight Detective may not be able to stop on his own. Since his introduction into the prime universe of continuity the Batman Who Laughs, the corrupted alternate-earth version of our own Batman has been determined to tear down everything Bruce Wayne has built in his quest for justice against the criminal underworld.

To the contrary, the Batman Who Laughs has given in to his darker inclinations and come to the “proper” realization that the only way to win the war is to give in — surrender to your darkest desires and reign chaos. Working from the shadows the terrifying villain has been slowly building a campaign to destroy the Caped Crusader and everyone that he holds close, and in the upcoming brand new monthly title Batman/Superman #1 the two most prominent heroes in the DC universe will combine their efforts to stop the fiend from setting off his diabolical scheme.

The villain’s plan is simple: turn everyone on the planet into the darkest reflections of themselves and then turn them loose on The Batman! The new monthly story is written by Joshua Williamson with art from David Marquez and takes up right where DC’s The Batman Who Laughs own limited series left off. Williamson and Marquez will have this Dynamic Duo following the clues deep into the depths of Gotham City, uncover just how dangerous the threat to their friends is and try to solve the mystery of the Secret Six.

Check out a sneak preview of the upcoming series Batman/Superman here:

Batman/Superman #1 will go public on August 14, 2019, and is written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by David Marquez and will be published monthly.

Sneak Preview BATMAN/SUPERMAN #1

In order to take down his most nefarious adversary yet, the Caped Crusader enlists some help from the Man of Steel as the World’s Finest re-team in a new monthly title Batman/Superman #1 launching this summer!

Icon Heroes Unveils ‘Superman Unchained’ Statu…

Icon Heroes Unveils Superman Unchained Statue

Icon Heroes Superman Unchained

Way back in 2014, Icon Heroes announced a licensing deal to produce DC merchandise. Since then, we’ve seen a variety of pieces, from comic book Deathstroke to TV Flash and Arrow.

Icon’s latest statue announcement is Superman Unchained. Here’s the company’s description:

Icon Heroes presents the Superman Unchained Statue!  No chain is strong enough to contain the last son of Krypton!  The Man of…

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Oz Comic-Con 2019: We interview DC Icon Nicola…

oz comic-con nicola scott interview

Our coverage of Oz Comic-Con didn’t stop after our interview with Tom Taylor. We knew our fans would want more so we caught up with DC Comic’s very own Nicola Scott. Nicola is based in Sydney, Australia and she’s well known for her phenomenal Wonder Woman art. She’s worked on other icons including Superman and Batman, and having received some great feedback after her debut appearance on DCN we…

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DC Comics Pull Box For 6-11-19 (New Comics and…

DC Comics Pull Box For 6-11-19 (New Comics and Merchandise)

Written By: Thomas O’Donnell

DC Comics News has compiled a list of DC Comics titles and collectibles shipping to comic shops for June 11, 2019.

Check back every Friday with the DC Comics News Pull Box to see all the cool new DC Comics titles and collectibles that will be available at your favorite local comic shop! So, what titles or…

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Review: Justice League #25


Justice League #25

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez, James Tynion IV

Artist: Jorge Jimenez, Javier Fernandez

Colours: Alejandro Sanchez, Hi-Fi

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil


Justice League #25: The “Sixth Dimension” storyline wraps up in this oversize issue as Superman faces down the World Forger to…

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The Spinner Rack #11: Week of 5/29/19 w/ Speci…

The #DCNSpinnerRack is back with episode 11 and this week @1MoreSingleton is joined by fellow #DCComicsNews contributor @ari_the_bard to discuss their #Top5 @DCComics picks for the week of 5/29/19. Enjoy!

Spinner Rack #11

The Spinner Rack has returned, and this week your host, Seth Singleton, is joined by fellow DCN News Writer and Reviewer, Ari Bard, to spotlight their top 5 releases for the week of May 29th. And they manage to share all but one… but which one did they differ on? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

So sit back, take a spin, and enjoy the ride!


Be sure…

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Matthew Vaughn Discusses His Scrapped Man of S…

Matthew Vaughn Discusses His Scrapped ‘Man of Steel 2’ Plans

Man of Steel 2 has been scrapped, again.

Since Justice League happened and a very rocky start critically to the DC connected cinematic universe, Warner Bros has gone in a different direction with their DC properties.

The DCEU has decided to move forward with a number of projects.  The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Aquaman 2, Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Preyare all coming.  Lost in the new DCEU is…

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