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Alfred: Don’t you think you should, uh, take a little easy on the nitrates, Master Jason?

Jason Todd: Alfred, if bacon’s what kills me, then I win.

Tim Drake: You shot Damian, you team-killing f…

Tim Drake: You shot Damian, you team-killing fucktard!

Jason Todd: Auto-fire sequence deactivated.

Damian Wayne: (gasping) Drake! D-Drake!

Tim Drake: Damian! It’s going to be okay, man.

Damian Wayne: No… I- I’m no- I’m not gonna make it. Drake, there’s something I need to tell you.

Tim Drake: [incredulously] What is it?

Damian Wayne: I just want you to know… I always hated you. I always hated you the most.

Tim Drake: Yeah, I know you did. Now hurry up and die, you prick.

Knock out gas? Really, Ivy? I’ve trained mysel…

Knock out gas? Really, Ivy? I’ve trained myself to be impervious to all forms- That’s new stuff- [passes out]

I’m a vigilante. The only thing I’…

I’m a vigilante. The only thing I’m scared of is decaf coffee.


Damian Wayne: Fuck this!

Bat family: [horrified gasping]

Jason Todd: Look, I feel the same but apparently we can’t be shouting that.


Jason Todd: So then I got kicked out of the family business for good because apparently I am a “liability” and “reckless” and “Jason”. The last one’s just my name but you should hear their tone.


Stephanie Brown: So, how’d it go staying with Kon’s family?

Tim Drake: It was great. I mean they’re just such a nice… I don’t want to use the word “family” because they all like each other, but they’re such a nice group of people.


Jason Todd: Bruce, did I ruin your life?

Bruce Wayne: Oh, is this about that billboard Tim and Damian put up? [looks out at billboard that says Red Hood out of Gotham. Vote yes on 104. A simulated Red Robin and Robin kicking Red Hood out.]

Jason Todd: No. The voters will decide that in November.


Barbara Gordon: [trying to sleep] Why are you poking me with your single stick?

Damian Wayne:
I’m prodding the sheets in order to determine whether or not my brother is in there with you.


Clark Kent: You’re kidding!

Bruce Wayne:
That’s me, Clark, joke machine.