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Alfred: [to Bruce Wayne] Oh, what are you doing here, the sun is up.

Alfred: [after spraying the leather couch] I couldn’t resist the infomercial, Master Bruce. “Unwanted dirt just slides right off!”
Tim Drake: [slips off the chair]
Damian Wayne: And voila!

[Damian Wayne is studying English literature with the help of Alfred]
Alfred: So why does Juliet kill herself?
Damian Wayne: Because without Romeo, she has no reason to live.
Cassandra Cain: Oh. You can tell this play was written by a man.

Bruce Wayne: Alfred, I don’t know what Selina wants anymore! What am I supposed to do? 

Alfred: May I speak freely, Sir? 

Bruce Wayne: Yes, of course, old boy… 

Alfred: I am so bloody sick of hearing this year after year: “Alfred, what am I to do? I told her I love her, I took it back, I’m afraid of commitment, I’m worried about the children!” [grabs Bruce Wayne] FOR GOD’S SAKE! MAKE A MOVE! DO SOMETHING! DO YOU WANT TO REGRET THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, TOO?!