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the thing I love most about the Justice League in Young Justice is that in the first episode of yj the ENTIRE FUCKING LEAGUE came to chew out the kids.

like all 16 members, superhero powerhouses of the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, aliens and gods, flew/hitched a ride all the way to some random building downtown to see Batman chew out 4 kids, which were supposed to be 3 kids because Superboy was a surprise disobedient child

like these are literal guardians of the earth and they were all like ‘okay we’re done with the crisis of the day, let’s go see the Bats rip some kids apart for not following his orders’ even the none flying superheroes were like ‘yo lantern give us a ride we can’t miss this’

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman

by Chris Huang-Jun

Happy National Selfie Day!

Happy National Selfie Day!

think aquaman will turn out aight but i still …

think aquaman will turn out aight but i still aint payin to see it. dc aint getting no more of my money. far as im concerned they owe me for paying to see bvs, ss, and jl

Have seen several comments like this now of people refusing to go see ‘Aquaman’ even if it’s good. Hopefully, it won’t suffer the same fate as ‘Solo’ and have people refuse to come see it based on how they feel about the previous movies even if this one isn’t bad. 


Grace Randolph is claiming to have insider knowledge regarding the plot of ‘Wonder Woman 1984′ that she got from people working on the movie. Possible spoilers ahead…

So according to her inside sources – Somebody else is inside Steve Trevor’s body, so when Diana kisses him she sees Steve Trevor but it’s really some other guy. Wonder Woman will supposedly fly by “lassoing into the wind” and being pulled along, similar to how Thor flies using his hammer in the Marvel universe. And finally, one of the ideas for the third act of the movie was to have her lasso a radio antenna to spread the power of the Lasso of Truth across the world. It was one of several options for the third act of the movie and may or may not be used. So yeah, thoughts?

dcmultiverse: Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl in Jus…


Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl in Justice League #1-2 (2018)

“Batman & Superman Take On The Jok…

“Batman & Superman Take On The Joker" 

by drawerofdrawings

wondyvillains: The children’s book series Won…


The children’s book series Wonder Woman: The Amazing Amazon has a story featuring none other than Giganta, coming this fall. This book is titled “GIGANTA’S COLOSSAL DOUBLE-CROSS”!

When a legendary Amazonian shield is stolen, Wonder Woman finds herself hot on the heels of Giganta and Gorilla Grodd. But soon she discovers the villains aren’t in cahoots, and Giganta might be the Amazing Amazon’s best hope for foiling Grodd plans. Can Wonder Woman tame the titan long enough pry the shield from the gorilla’s grasp? Or will Giganta wind up wielding the weapon with a dastardly double-cross?

Justice League World Cup Action

Justice League World Cup Action

by Lucas Nascimento

via: Dragonarte


Have to say, the old ‘Aquaman’ logo was much better than the new one.