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Mad Love Suicide Squad Remake by Terr Alec

Mad Love Suicide Squad Remake

by Terr Alec



Are Leto’s Days As The Joker Over?

Are Leto’s Days As The Joker Over?

Variety is reporting that Jared Leto will star in a Spider-man spinoff story about the Marvel character Morbius. Although the article also claims that it wouldn’t change his status as the Joker, one could deduce that this would end his days as the Clown Prince of Gotham.


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Joaquin Phoenix as Jokerby Phil Dunne

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

by Phil Dunne

Batman 1989-1997by Gaz Williams

Batman 1989-1997

by Gaz Williams

Joker & Harley Quinn Skin Launched For PUBG

Ever wanted to run around as your favorite homicidal maniac couple in a video game?

Now you can!

In the latest trailer for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds players got their first look at the Suicide Squad versions of Joker and Harley Quinn invading their game and taking it to a whole new level!

No firm date has been set for the…

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Batman vs The Jokerby Riccardo Federici

Batman vs The Joker


Riccardo Federici

‘Harley Quinn: Mad Love’ Novel Coming This Mon…

‘Harley Quinn: Mad Love’ Novel Coming This Month

Titan Publishing has taken to converting some of our favorite Batman stories into novels, and next up on the list is Harley Quinn: Mad Love.

What could make someone give themselves over to insanity just to be with someone they love? We’ve seen the story of Harley and the Joker told several different ways, but the new Harley Quinn: Mad Love novel will delve deeper than we’ve ever gone before.


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Harley & Me 

Harley & Me 

by Rick Celis

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