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Review: Justice League #4

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Colors: Alejandro Sanchez

Letterer: Tom Napolitano


What is hidden in the darkest depths of the ocean and farthest reaches of space doesn’t even compare to the insidious secrets buried in the pasts of Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter! While the rest of the League battles to save their…

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VIDEO: DC Comics – SIDESHOW – Premium Format F…

VIDEO: DC Comics – SIDESHOW – Premium Format Figures – SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2018.

More DC/Hannah Barbera Crossovers Coming In Oc…


The highly successful line of Hannah Barbera and DC crossover line of comics is getting another series run!

DC will be releasing another round of books featuring the popular team up characters from both series this October 31st. Books will be $4.99, and 48-page special editions with regular and variant covers will feature an installment of a spotlight tale. The tale will star Hanna-Barbera’s…

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Justice League #4 Vol. 3 – FERNANDO PASARIN

Justice League #4 Vol. 3 – FERNANDO PASARIN



DC Comics Anatomy of a Metahuman is coming f…

DC Comics Anatomy of a Metahuman is coming from Insight Editions


Explore the powers of DC Comics’ greatest characters like never before through stunning anatomical cutaways and in-depth commentary from the Dark Knight.


Concerned about the threat that so-called “metahumans” may pose to the world, Batman has begun compiling a detailed dossier on their incredible physiology and abilities. From villains like Killer Croc, Bane, and Brainiac, to Batman’s own comrades, including Superman and Cyborg, the file brings together the Dark Knight’s fascinating personal theories on the unique anatomical composition of these formidable individuals.


This stunning and unique book delves into the incredible abilities of DC Comics characters like never before. Using beautifully illustrated anatomical cross sections depicting twelve different DC characters, the book, told from Batman’s unique perspective, will explore how these “metahumans” physical makeup differs significantly from that of the average person. From detailed theories on how Superman’s eyes shoot heat rays to an in-depth exploration of how Aquaman is able to breathe under water, the book delves into the deepest secrets of these classic characters. Also featuring chapters on the anatomy and abilities of Doomsday, Aquaman, Swamp Thing, Darkseid, Martian Manhunter, and more, this one-of-a-kind book will change the way you look at metahumans forever.


You can preorder the book now at Amazon now and save. Click here for more info and preorder details.

Be sure to look for Insight Editions at this year’s SDCC (Booth #3721)   they will also be featuring the book there. Any attendees who visit our booth will receive a free Anatomy of a Metahuman poster and can be entered to win a set of XXRay figures from Mighty Jaxx.




Do you think DCU will be successful? I hope it…

Do you think DCU will be successful? I hope it can be huge for DC

Hmm. I think there will be a lot of buzz and praise for ‘DC Universe’ when it first launches, enticing people to subscribe, and it will do pretty well. However, there is a limited amount of DC content and after a couple of months making your way through the library, once the nostalgia of watching old movies and shows wears off, I think there could be a big drop off. Maintaining subscribers after the first few months will be what determines whether it is a success, and that will rely solely on new content, and so far there are only 5 new shows announced. That’s not enough to keep people subscribing month after month in my honest opinion, they will need to massively increase the output of new content, but we’ll see. I’m excited for it!

ruinedchildhood: Has there been a movie about…


Has there been a movie about you?
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies


dailyhaljordan: we did what had never been do…


we did what had never been done.