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The ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Script Is Complete

‘Suicide Squad 2’ Script Is Complete

Nothing is better for a movie fan than a completed draft to a sequel, and now DC fans can add Suicide Squad 2 to that list.

Todd Stashwick, who is co-writer of Suicide Squad 2with David Bar Katz and Gavin O’Connor has reported that the final draft of the script is complete.  While no details about the concept or plot details of the movie could be revealed, Stashwick did have something to say…

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Matt Reeves Turns In Script For ‘The Batman’

Matt Reeves Turns In Script For ‘The Batman’

Last month director Matt Reeves said he would be turning in the first draft of his script for The Batman.  The word out of DC Films was that Reeves was aiming for after Labor Day to turn in his script draft.  Now word has come down that Matt Reeves has turned in his script for The Batman not too long ago.

Now with the script on the desk for Warner Bros. executives, casting news might be coming…

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Rumor: Brainiac Said To Be Main Villain in ‘Su…

Rumor: Brainiac Said To Be Main Villain in ‘Supergirl’ Film

Brainiac is coming….possibly.

Rumors are nothing new inside the DCEU and this past week hasn’t been any different.  This week started with rumors that Henry Cavill was going to be replaced as Superman until he “broke” the internet and debunked those rumors.  Then news came down that Warner Bros was moving ahead with Supergirl movie.  Now rumors are going around about the villain for the film;…

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Are the DC Universe Shows a Shared Universe?

DC Universe - DC Comics News

With the DC Universe streaming service already rolling in some areas and the official launch date of September 15th just days away, fans are excited about the potential of the original series coming to the service.

The first live-action series set to premiere is Titans, followed by the spin-off series, Doom Patrol. Sometime in 2019 will see the launch of Swamp Thing from director/producer James…

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Hate Towards ‘Martha’ Scene in Batman v Superm…

Batman v Superman ‘Martha’ Still Perplexing

Since it’s release, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been one of the most debated, discussed, and dissected movies of not only the superhero genre but of the past ten years.  One of those deaths and discussions comes from one of the most polarizing scenes in the movie.

“The Martha Moment”

The “Martha moment” still comes up in discussion and debate among fans of comic books and their…

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Henry Cavill Takes To Instagram To Make Crypti…

Early today, a whole lot of drama took place surrounding the future of Henry Cavill as Superman.  With no definitive answer, Henry Cavill himself posted a video response on his Instagram account, making the whole affair even more confusing.

In the short Instagram video, Cavill can be seen wearing a Krypton Lifting Team t-shirt while he slowly raises a Superman action figure into view.  In the…

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Today has been a hectic news day for Warner Bros. and DC, as news broke earlier from The Hollywood Reporter that Henry Cavill, the man who has portrayed Superman on the big screen for the last 5 years, would no longer be donning the cape in the DC film universe.

According to THR, sources said that Cavill was parting ways with WB.  Apparently, WB had been trying to bring Cavill in for a cameo in their upcoming film Shazam!, but talks broke down between them and Cavill’s reps due to a scheduling conflict, which I’m assuming is probably for Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher that was recently announced.  This wouldn’t be the first conflict WB and Cavill have had due to his outside projects, as shown by the infamous “Mustache-gate” debacle surrounding Justice League and Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

THR reports that the door is now closing on future appearance by Cavill as the Man of Steel, and one of the reasons for this is WB’s shift in focus to a Supergirl movie, which will be an origin story featuring a teen superheroine.  Furthermore, WB isn’t likely to make a solo Superman film for at least several years, according to another source. “Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors,” says a studio source.

Not long after this report came out, one of Cavill’s reps, Dany Garcia, tweeted out the following statement:

And here is WB’s statement (via THR’s Twitter), which was released not long after that:

To be honest, the statement from WB doesn’t confirm one way or another whether or not Cavill will continue to be Superman, but instead just says that they still have a good relationship with the actor.  It seems a little suspicious that they wouldn’t say anything solid, considering Cavill’s agent made it seem like this report was completely incorrect.  Even if they have no current plans for the character, they could have said he was still set to portray the character when they do decide on a direction for the Man of Steel, but this just makes the initial report seem more legitimate, which is definitely upsetting for us fans.

There has been an uproar from the fans since this news broke, as many have been waiting for a true Man of Steel sequel since 2013.  Even the director of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and the early cut of Justice League, Zack Snyder, went online to share a tribute to Cavill’s time as Superman with a storyboard for a deleted scene from his time on Justice League.  Snyder was the one who brought Cavill into the world of DC all those years ago.

Cavill has yet to comment on this, and rumors are floating around that WB is eyeing Michael B. Jordan to replace him, which would definitely be an interesting, and inevitably controversial choice.  Whatever happens, DC Comics News will be here to give you all the details as they drop.

Superman Drama Continues Amid Report of Henry Cavill’s Departure from the DCEU

Today has been a hectic news day for Warner Bros. and DC, as news broke earlier from…

Rumor: Warner Bros Eyeing ‘Game of Thrones’ St…

Rumor: Warner Bros Eyeing ‘Game of Thrones’ Star For ‘The Batman’


After many different changes to production and unstoppable rumors, The Batman is on track to start filming next summer which means, new rumors.  Director Matt Reeves has been meeting with actors to play Bruce Wayne/Batman, but a name just came out that nobody expected.

Rumors out of Warner Bros. is that the studio is interested in making Game of Thronesstar, Kit Harington…

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan really wants to star in another DC movie.

Morgan played The Comedian in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen film and recently had a cameo as Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice but now Morgan wants a more iconic character; he wants to play Lobo.

Recently, Morgan was asked which Marvel character he would be interested in playing in the MCU.  Morgan mentioned that he briefly considered Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four but then quickly changed the subject to DC and answered:

“The only one I want to play is DC and Lobo.  He’s badass!”

This is not the first time the actor revealed his desire to play the alien mercenary.  Morgan first brought up the idea in 2009, back when Guy Ritchie was reportedly set to bring the character to the big screen but doubted he had the body to play the role.  Morgan joked that the studio could transplant his head onto Mickey Rourke’s body.

The idea of bringing Lobo to the DCEU or DC Dark film brands hasn’t yet been confirmed and whether or not Morgan is the right choice for the character is up for serious debate, but there is no denying that he would be an interesting choice for the Lobo character.  Morgan already proved he can pull of the cigar-chomping, larger-than-life, foul-mouthed, ruthless yet eerily likable acting style as both The Comedian (Watchmen) and Negan (The Walking Dead) which would make him a strong candidate if, IF, Lobo was ever brought to the big screen.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Interested In Lobo

Jeffrey Dean Morgan really wants to star in another DC movie. Morgan played The Comedian in Zack Snyder’s…

‘Batman v Superman’ Concept Artist Shows Early…

‘Batman v Superman’ Concept Artist Shows Early Design for The Flash

flash justice league dc comics news

While concept artist Jerad Marantz has previously shared some of his work from the Batman v Supermanand Justice League movies, he recently revealed his first pass on designing The Flash’s costume for BvS via Instagram.

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My very first pass on #flash for #batmanvssuperman. You can see the full body in the bonus features on the dvd.…

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