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Damian Wayne: What is it with you and musicals?
Dick Grayson: Everything’s better in song.

avedraws: I haven’t drawn Damian in way too l…


I haven’t drawn Damian in way too long. He’s my fave Robin so here’s an (unmasked) doodle of him.


[Damian Wayne is studying English literature with the help of Alfred]
Alfred: So why does Juliet kill herself?
Damian Wayne: Because without Romeo, she has no reason to live.
Cassandra Cain: Oh. You can tell this play was written by a man.


Damian Wayne: Where are you going, you just said stick to the plan!
Stephanie Brown: I am, I’m going to get some waffles.


Tim Drake: Are you doing your homework or planning on killing me?
Damian Wayne: Officially, I’m working on this essay. Unofficially, I’d watch your back.

Review: Adventures Of The Super Sons #2

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artists: Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert

Colors: Photobunker

Letters: Rob Leigh


Kids today, amiright? What with their vaping, texting, emoji-ing and whatnot—never mind what happens when teen villains the Gang get their hands on Gold Kryptonite! That’s exactly what the young bad guys plan to do to impress the Earth’s…

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Damian Wayne: It’s so dark, I can’t see.
Maps Mizoguchi: Don’t worry, I got this.
Maps Mizoguchi: [stomps feet and tenis shoes light up]


Damian Wayne: What’s this?
Tim Drake: This is your badness chart, it’s unusually high for someone your size.


Damian: [watching the news] some idiot tried to fight a squid at the aquarium

Jason: [covered in ink] maybe the squid was being a dick

justiceslords: The Batboys


The Batboys