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Damian Wayne: Nothing was ever proven.
Dick Grayson: Yeah Bruce, sometimes boats just blow up.
Jason Todd: Sometimes it happens twice.


Alfred: Are you kids getting enough sleep?
Dick Grayson: …
Jason Todd: …
Tim Drake: …
Cassandra Cain: …
Damian Wayne: …
Stephanie Brown: Sometimes, when I sneeze my eyes close.


Damian Wayne: Why are you squeezing me with your body?
Dick Grayson: It’s a hug, Damian. I’m hugging you.

itiscanon: My first attempt at drawing this l…


My first attempt at drawing this little ball of anger. Hope you guys like it.


Damian Wayne: Wait for me! Wait for me!
Cassandra Cain: Me first! Me first!
Tim Drake: Why should you be first?
Cassandra Cain: ‘Cause I’m a lady. That’s why.
Tim Drake: [scoffs] You’re not a lady.
Damian Wayne: You’re nothin’ but a sister!
Cassandra Cain: I’ll show you if I’m a lady or not.


Damian Wayne: Get back, you savages!

Dick Grayson: Sorry, sorry! He’s just not used to positive feedback.


Tim Drake: Good morning!
Bruce Wayne: Good morning.
Damian Wayne: Good morning.
Dick Grayson: You all sound like robots, “good morning, good morning”, spice it up a bit!

artistwithoutaccolade: Damian Wayne and his n…


Damian Wayne and his newly-rescued reindeer, Lucifer 🙂 @komadoriwonder


Damian Wayne: I hate you with every inch of my being.
Jason Todd: That’s not a lot of inches.



Christopher Priest has said that he doesn’t know who will end up as Damian Wayne’s father by the end of the Deathstroke vs Batman arc. When he announced this at C2E2, he also asked the crowd who they thought it should be. Apparently 80% cheered for Deathstroke. Who were these people?? I don’t know any dc fans who actually want this change, but thanks to those 80% Priest now thinks we do. Please sign this petition at to show him we don’t!

@someonestopdc asked me to share this post to let you know about this petition.

I must confess I am not super up to date with DC’s current developments and creative decisions, so I wasn’t aware of this fact. Nonetheless, I think it’s fair to let people know about Priest’s idea and the petition, so people can act accordingly.