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Jason Todd: I’m sorry, but it’s just so hard for me to make friends.
Bruce Wayne: Have you tried not killing people?


Bruce Wayne: Revenge is a waste of time.
Jason Todd: So is watching television and eating candy, but you do it because it feels good.




Leave Jason alone 🙁

Batman Day 2018: A Reflection and Celebration

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Batman Day 2018 is upon us again, here in Australia we get to celebrate it first thanks to that trusty timezone thing! I’ve been a massive Batman fan my entire life, and this day holds a special meaning in my heart. While the day carries a great meaning for myself, it is a celebration shared amongst millions across the globe. I wanted to share some of my thought about the world’s greatest pop…

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BATMAN AND GREEN ARROW in Batman #639 (2004)


[in the Injustice universe]
Bruce Wayne: [to Clark Kent] The futurist is here, gentlemen! He sees all. He knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not.


Bruce Wayne: I’ll deal with Hush. You take care of Black Mask.
Jason Todd: But how do I make it look like an accident?
Bruce Wayne: I’m not saying murder! Just talk to him, like a normal person!

“New Batcave” Teased For Gotham Season 5 Beyo…

“New Batcave” Teased For Gotham Season 5

Beyond the evolution of the infamous Rogue’s gallery and the rise of lawman Jim Gordon, Gotham has never wavered from the primary focus: Bruce Wayne’s transition into Batman.

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the trinity