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Batman: Justice League (Tactical Suit) by Va…

Batman: Justice League (Tactical Suit)


Vassilis Dimitros

Jay Oliva Comments on Ben Affleck’s Script for…

Jay Olivia Comments on Ben Affleck’s Script for ‘The Batman’

Jay Oliva has seen some things.

Oliva has been a storyboard artist on most of the movies inside of the DCEU.  He was working on The Batman while Ben Affleck was still attached to direct, write and star in The Batman.  And he has seen and read Ben Affleck’s script for The Batman.

Recently, Oliva was asked on Twitter about Ben Affleck’s script for The Batmanand held nothing back about the now…

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What’s Going On With Oscar Isaac And The Batma…

Online reports are stating that Oscar Isaac has been approached to play the role of a yet undisclosed character in the upcoming The Batman movie. These reports fueled fan speculation that Isaac would be playing the Dark Knight himself.

Over the last few days, online sources began reporting on a rumor that Oscar Isaac was in talks with Warner Bros to play a role in the next Batman moviedirected by…

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‘The Batman’ Won’t Shoot Until After These Two…

“The Batman Still Being Written, Will Not Film Until After “Flash” And “Birds Of Prey”

Perhaps the most anticipated film of the DCEU, The Batman still has not entered production and does not seem like it will anytime soon. Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap gave fans an update on what to expect from the caped crusaders solo film’s timeline!

“BATMAN UPDATE: Kind of hard to go into preproduction when there is still no script yet. Just checked. No script until after Labor Day. MAYBE goes…

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DIAMOND SELECT TOYS DC GalleryJustice League…

Justice League Movie Batman PVC Figure


Batmenby Maximiliano & Leonardo


by Maximiliano & Leonardo

Ben Affleck Still Involved With ‘The Batman’

Ben Affleck Still Involved With The Batman

Ever since his casting as Bruce Wayne/Batman, the rumors surrounding Ben Affleck’s future have been running rampant.  Will he stay? Will he go? Will he be replaced? Is he in for the long run as Batman? The carousel of rumors haven’t stopped especially with the critical “flop” of Justice League.  Affleck himself hasn’t done the rumor mill any favors as he has stayed as mysterious as the character…

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ccavill: Suicide Squad (2016) – dir. David Ay…


Suicide Squad (2016) – dir. David Ayer

Justice League MMS432 BatmanTactical Batsuit V…

Justice League MMS432 Batman
Tactical Batsuit Ver. 1/6th Scale Figure
by Hot Toys

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