how big do you think dc will be at comiccon? l…

how big do you think dc will be at comiccon? like what do you think they’ll give us?

They’ll almost definitely bring out the entire ‘Aquaman’ cast onstage followed by the first official trailer (confirmed) and several new posters and character posters. There will probably be promo material for the movie all over the convention. It will be the biggest movie of the con and they’ll push it hard!

Then I expect they’ll bring Zachary Levi on stage and debut the very first ‘Shazam’ teaser trailer as well (confirmed) though it will likely not be released publicly, as well as a brand new poster. 

Then we’ll likely get something smaller from ‘Wonder Woman 2′ since it’ll still be 15 whole months away from release – maybe some concept art, or the first look at Cheetah, or a behind-the-scenes featurette. If they do play something it will likely be exclusively for those in attendance and not made public. 

Then since they’ll have to start filming soon, I can see them also officially announcing which movies will be released in 2020 and their official release dates – likely ‘The Flash’ and ‘Bird of Prey’, maybe bringing the directors and lead actors on stage as they do so. Plus something from the ‘Joker’ origin movie too that isn’t part of the DCEU!